5 Killer Tips to Crafting a Kick-Butt Blog Post

Blogging tips are many and easy to find. As I work with client after client asking “How do I write a blog?” or “Why should I write a blog?” I decided to make my handout for interns, students, and clients public.

Here’s a list of blogging tips to craft a Kick-butt blog post:

1. Write an attention grabbing headline. Think about when you are surfing the web. What grabs your interest? “5 ways your English teacher lied to you” will probably grab your attention more than “Common grammar mistakes.” Write down the headlines that make you want to click and see what they have in common. (Many people start with a number, a question, or start with “how to…”) Try writing a few yourself. Try to keep the title shorter than 50 characters.

2. Write in digestible chunks. Blog posts thrive on sub-heads (which should also be attention grabbing), bullet points, bold text, pictures, videos, infographics, lists and other devices to help break up the text because lord forbid you give the audience or your content any faith. writer with quillFor instance, you probably looked at this picture either first or second when you opened this post. Make it look easy to read, not a huge chunk of text that feels like homework. Keep your paragraphs and sentences short, because nothing can drag on and feel more like homework than a sentence that seems like it was crafted by some dude in tights five hundred years ago on a sleepless night and by the time you get to the end of it you forget how it began.

3. Keep to the point. 500 words is about the limit you can ask someone for their time. Try to shoot for less, like 350 to 400. If your blog is 1000 words and each point is necessary, make several blogs out of it instead to break up any momentum and integrity you’ve established!

4. Ask questions! Don’t just talk at readers, try to engage them. Ask them for their thoughts or comments or similar experiences. We live in a social world, so keep the two way conversation open.

5. Call your reader to action. Is your blog post part of a larger goal – to get people to donate to a cause or to get people to go to a web page for more information? Remember to ask them to do so with a handy link.  Hopefully by this point in the post, you’ve motivated them enough to click on through!

Mind you, these are just tips, and we break them all the time in the Bacon and Ice Cream Blog, I do hope that these help those who wish to begin their own adventure.

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1 thought on “5 Killer Tips to Crafting a Kick-Butt Blog Post

  1. Actually, the first thing I did was to see which one of you wrote this blog! It sounds so much like both of you. Oh-Oh, are you beginning to look alike as well?? The picture didn’t jazz me because I was more interested in the text. Your suggestions are excellent. They should also be posted for people writing their Christmas letters!!!!! I dare you to tell me I am wrong about that! These new photo Christmas cards from Shutterfly are the perfect balance of pictures and text!

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