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We’re Joel and Becky. (Or Becky and Joel if we’re being honest about it.)

We met in 2008 and married in 2011. Here’s that.

Us being happy

Since we moved to the Minneapolis suburbs in 2011, we have had a passion for attending cultural events around the cities. This includes opera, art fairs, galleries, music, theater, and more. We love giving new things a try and letting them surprise us.  We embody Pablo Picasso’s quote: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

We want to share the soul-enriching stuff that makes life worth living when you are combating the day to day war against monotony and depression. For example, events where you get to wear a suit made of balloons and feel like a kid again for the first time in years.

Joel in Balloons

That’s where our blog Bacon and Ice Cream comes in – for the stuff that enriches the heart even when you don’t have much money to play with. Almost anything we do ranges from free to 100 bucks.

We’ll try to keep a running calendar of events as they come on our radar. We also have another page for places and things to check out when you need to do anything other than work, chores or watching TV.

We also include blogs that are about the average, everyday living life in the world: from stories about our failure to understand the wonky occurrences in our lives to comical snapshots of life in the Twin Cities and beyond.

Thanks for Reading!

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2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I LOVE the name of your blog! Incidentally, I’ve tried bacon IN ice cream! lol
    Here’s the 7 second video: http://youtu.be/p_8TAk3utro

    I got it at the Portland food cart that makes liquid nitrogen ice cream right in front of you. They have 30 flavors to choose from, 30 mix ins to choose from, and can make any combination. They blast it with liquid nitrogen and turn it into ice cream in seconds. It’s pretty rad. I had salted caramel bacon ice cream. ‘Cause everything is better with bacon. Even ice cream.
    Here’s the website: http://www.mixnmatchcreamery.com

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