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Adventures in Cub

Cub is our local grocery store in the cities. And it seems like every time I go, something weird happens. Once we witnessed two strangers start to yell at each other, then one came up to Becky and I to confirm that the other one was nuts. It’s become so commonplace that it’s hard for me to think of specific examples, but I usually have a tale to tell Becky once I get home.

I was going to make this into a cartoon, but I’m feeling lazy today and don’t want to try to figure out how to draw all this stuff. Instead, I will be boosting the readability with the everlasting and unquestioning power of baby memes.

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Two weeks ago, I was in charge of getting us set up for the Easter weekend. I planned on a nice roast. Then I also saw that leg of lamb roasts were also on sale in their ad. I put it on my list. All day I mentally returned to England. I looked up how to make a mint sauce for the side.

I went to Cub. Hunted around the butcher section. Asked the butcher. There were no lamb roasts to be found.

lamb kid mob

In full-determined mode (I get this mode often, a level of stubborn Becky has learned to live with – when I want something done, I do not stop) I went to ANOTHER Cub store to find the elusive lamb roast in my quest (besides I had already bought all the other ingredients for the roast).

Once again, I looked in the butcher section – no leg of lamb. So I pulled out my shitty smart phone and spent 10 agonizing minutes trying to navigate Cub’s non-responsive (meaning non-smartphone friendly) website for the ad. I showed the butcher the picture of the ad and asked where I could find them. He said they were out. I said this was my second store, and asked if there was any chance there would be any at a third store. He said no.

“We were out days ago,” he said. “Lamb usually doesn’t go, so when I saw they had this sale, I got TWO roasts. And they went fast.”


I recounted this story at our friends’ house the other night. Their six year old chirped in.

“Why would they only have gotten two? That’s not enough!”

Exactly. A six year old knows better.

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