Becky’s Christmas Surprise

Kidney Stone Comic


This year, we got our introduction to the wonderful world of kidney stones. Blargh.

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5 thoughts on “Becky’s Christmas Surprise

  1. Gaaaaaaaaaaaa. I feel your pain. No. Really. My current kidney stone count is 19 you poor thing. At least you’re going into the new year free of excess calcium.

  2. oh no!! I hated kidney stones. I had them in both kidneys in second grade. That’s the year I stopped drinking milk (the makeup of the stones they had to blast out were calcium based). My brother had stones a couple years before that, same reasoning. He’s had terrible stones at least 4 times since, that needed blasting. He’s lactose intolerant. Luckily, I am not and I still get to eat cheese. I’ve had smaller ones since that hurt like the dickens, and I seem to get by with straight cranberry juice (real stuff, thick and bitter, no sugar added, not ocean spray) cut with water, and then more water. Good luck dear friend! Happy 2016!

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