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Find Me Frugal(er)

Andria’s blog about finding ways to live cheaply doesn’t forget that you also need to enjoy life, which is one of the coolest things about Find Me Frugal(er) and what sets it apart from most other advice columns about cutting costs.


Rhymes with Sorry

We “met” Kari through the magic of Twitter and have been a big fan of her blog and life in general. Dogs, sci-fi, kids and life in general fill this site with the fun, sometimes crazy challenges life presents.



Dan Koeck is a kind soul, a kick-ass colleague, and phenomenal talent. His work has been in pretty much every awesome publication. And he gave us our most prized wedding gift – a print of a photo from one of Joel’s favorite articles they worked on in western North Dakota.


Confessions of a Culinary Rebel

Alyson is a good friend who’s also fighting the job hunting fight – which she’s been kind enough to guest post about here on Bacon and Ice Cream. Her own blog focuses on food – both cooking and reviewing local restaurants in Kansas City.

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