#GivingTuesday & Daily Work

Today is “Giving Tuesday.” This post returns to both political action found in the Paulsen piece as well as returns to our bacon roots of discussing the difficulty of finding a job, working a job and attempting to find fulfillment in that job. When Becky was unemployed in July 2013, she began a volunteering job, which […]

my cup

Three year jobversary

It’s been 3 years now at my job this month.  Weirdly enough, it still feels “new” to me. The past is still very much present in my thoughts. I’ve been through more than a dozen surgeries, depression, crap jobs, poor as hell-ness, and more, but nothing prepared me for the eight months of straight desperation […]

Open letter to my wife

Becky, It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote you a letter during your job hunt. We’ve fought lots of battles since then. Some we won, some we didn’t. But we’ve held on. Somehow we keep skating along paycheck to paycheck, walking that tightrope while carrying boulders. Sometimes, life calls for a […]

How to pump someone up

Say you’ve been on dozens of job interviews, been second about 6 times, it’s coming on 6 months of job hunting. You are down. It’s hard to see anything going well again or working out. I discovered this week that an email entirely made of memes can help get some mojo back. Becky’s got a […]