Itasca dock

Itasca, we’re on our way

One thing that came with hitching my giddyup to Becky’s train, hard baked into the contract, was Itasca. Some people are lucky to find their place – the one place that they feel comforted, restored, whole. For Becky, that place is Itasca State Park. She loves it so much she used to create yearly calendars […]

Ode to Grippo’s

I spent my college days in Evansville, Indiana, and one thing I discovered there was the ubiquity of a bbq potato chip that I had not known before. Grippo’s. The region is also home to putting chili on spaghetti noodles. But that delicacy held nothing to Grippo’s. They are the Old Dutch of that region. […]

Waiting for it

Sometimes life feels like an infinite loop of that scene from Braveheart with Mel Gibson screaming “Hooooooold” as the armed horses are heading right for you. (Which is 20 years old now. You are old!) It’s been that sort of a month. Ever since Becky got her new job and I got my promotion, we’ve […]