#GivingTuesday & Daily Work

Today is “Giving Tuesday.” This post returns to both political action found in the Paulsen piece as well as returns to our bacon roots of discussing the difficulty of finding a job, working a job and attempting to find fulfillment in that job. When Becky was unemployed in July 2013, she began a volunteering job, which […]

Pumpkin Nights

Becky and I are big fans of  autumn. It’s always been my favorite season: the changing colors, the smells of decaying leaves, the cooler temps. As for Becky, at this very moment, we have three large pumpkins, two medium pumpkins, 12 mini pumpkins, and 8 gourds decorating our living room. So when Pumpkin Nights popped […]

Our Chicago Weekend

Despite being only 100 bucks a plane ticket and Groupon hotel deals every week, Becky and I had yet to take a trip to Chicago. When my job took me to Chicago for the Business Marketers Association Conference June 1-3, we decided to stay a bit longer and have a nice weekend in a new […]