This site is run by Joel and Becky, but we didn’t create it in a vacuum. Mostly because that would be really hard on the ears. Joel has sensitive ears.

Thanks to the tireless work of Joy and Lee, who helped us with all the technical WordPressy stuff to get the site we wanted to become a reality. You guys rock! You can contact Lee Hartfiel for Website setup and maintenance at

The lovely Bacon and Ice Cream header image was designed by former co-worker and always friend, Beth Hagemeister, who does freelance work through her company, Section 5 Design Studio.

Thanks to the man, who kept us down for so long, we started a blog to cry out into the universe.

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4 thoughts on “Credit

  1. …..and thanks to our parents who have driven us to the point of having to cry out to the heavens through this blog just to keep our sanity!!!! Congrats- mom.

  2. Well, I am embarrassingly late to the party here!! The last time I looked at this particular page, there were no comments. I am testing an upgrade of php that Host Gator is doing tomorrow and am now seeing these posts. Very nice to see these. I also wish to thank you for the credit and for your patience as we worked to get this site up and running live for you. That was very thoughtful, and much appreciated. It really was a team effort, and a lot of fun! You and Becky have really made this site your own, congratulations! I love coming out and reading your stuff, you are both such talented, gifted, and special people. Keep up the great work and thank you very much again!

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