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Duk Duk Daze 2017

Becky and I attended Duk Duk Daze on a Friday. It’s a yearly festival in the suburb of New Hope. It’s something I would have said no to just based on the way they spell their name alone. But I’ve been trying to be more of a yes man to things I don’t think I’ll enjoy because you should do that in life.

Duk Duk Daze is organized by the New Hope Lions cooperating with the city.

Becky was excited because we’d also be able to get in a craft fair, which was advertised as part of the celebrations. Other attractions include:

  • Carnival games and rides
  • Lion’s bingo
  • Minnesota Timberwolves Basketball Shoot-Out
  • Pizza eating contest
  • Fabulous fair food
  • Live music
  • Kiddie Parade (11 a.m. on Saturday)
  • Tennis, bean bag, and men’s and co-rec softball tournaments
  • Gigantic fireworks displays on Friday and Saturday evenings at dusk
  • And much, much more

The main draws for us were bingo and fireworks. We parked a few blocks away and walked to the fun toting a blanket and water. The first thing we got to was the craft fair — a generous term for a few tents of people selling Tupperware and rain gutter solutions.

street fair
This is the entire craft fair

We cruised around the fair. It was a short tour, as the whole thing is within one block, including bingo, carnival rides and food booths. Becky stopped at one booth to get a henna design on her arm. All in all, going around the fair took about 10 minutes. But that was fine cause there was bingo to play.


We used to play Bingo in Fargo a bunch and never won. The Lions charged a dollar a game and you get three cards. The winner got anywhere between 60 and 80 dollars. Once an hour or so they played a blackout game for a dollar a card for 175 bucks. So many people were playing, a winner usually yelled out after 8 numbers. Once they won in five numbers.


Becky and I sat in an open spot along a long row of picnic tables. Unwittingly, we found ourselves strangers in the midst of a family/friend reunion of sorts. So there was lots of fun table talk, and we got to really know our neighbors over the course of the next two hours. Recent grads planning for college in the next month, a grandmother who had a continuing rotation of kids and grandkids sitting next to her for a game or two, a high school junior and his girlfriend, a guy who owns a bbq catering biz, and others. The Lions ran a good ship for the most part, but the caller could have used some practice, especially for any time he said a number in the 30s, which sounded like 40s coming through the mike and led to lots of confusion.

I got some deep-dish slices, IPAs, while Becky had a brat and a wine. We later shared some nachos and a candied apple while waiting for fireworks.

Not knowing where the show would be, we parked our butts near a basketball court across the street. The lower fireworks were partly hidden by trees, but it was a pleasant show altogether.

duk duk daze at night

Would we go again? Sure! I liked the small town vibe of the whole thing. It was nice and compact within the block. There were tons of teenagers hanging out there, which was pretty cool to see. Police kept things orderly as well. It seemed like a well-organized and run event. Well done to the Lions and all the best for their charity.

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