ugh and a half

You are eating with a spoon wrong

Life HACK!

Hey dum-dums. You clicked on this article for some godforsaken reason, because you maybe have some unexplained fear that you are doing some shit wrong and looking like a jerk.

This time, it’s spoons.

spoon pc

Yeah, that.

Look at this dum-dumb, for instance.

dum dum eater

What  a moron!

Are you prepared to change your life forever?

Hold the thin, straight end of the spoon, fill it with food, like cereal, soup, or sauce-based junk.

Then carry the food into your dum-dum face hole, idiot!

eating with spoon

And be sure to smile!

Dumb image for article another dumb pic of eating with spoons last dumb spoon pic


Seriously, please make life hack articles like this stop. I don’t need people telling me how I eat from the wrong end of a banana or other horseshit.


Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 10.14.30 AM

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