The First Week

As Joel and I were planning to get married, I remember one of his relatives saying, “What will you do with yourselves when this is all over? You will be so bored.” That was 2011. We have yet to find ourselves in this “boredom” state people discuss.

The Friday before I started my permanent position, Joel was to bring home pizza and champagne. Well, he brought those items, as well as our Hyundai with a check engine light glowing into the night. He decided he would take the car into our trusted, regular mechanic at the same time I would begin my orientation at my new job on Monday. But, something happened to Joel.


We have this pact, only one of us gets to be crazy at a time. Since I’ve been the crazy one for the last 9 months, he took Sunday and Monday to completely go off his rocker. I think he was worried about me starting a new job and about the car simultaneously and this made his feeling place explode with 5 year old anger. I liken it to the kid in Where the Wild Things Are.  Turns out, our car guy couldn’t look at the car until Wednesday of that week and somehow that calmed the beast into sanity.

Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day, was my first “real” day at work. It’s an unusual job that I have. I’m in marketing, yet what I work with is top secret. All that matters is that every day is different and my boss kicks ass. I’m sure as I come to understand my job more, I will be adding to the blog about it. But for now, I work all day and come home and collapse. Joel has to wake me up to eat supper, and I fall asleep shortly after that.

Returning to the check engine light, our mechanic said it was the quality of gas which turned the light on. My response, “Bull shit.” Joel explained to me he was told that the gas quality here in the Twin Cities, is more alcohol than it should be for the warm temperatures. Basically, all of our cars are driving drunk. But, this is not what pushed me over the edge. The struts need to be replaced as well. A 450 dollar repair will have to come out once I receive my first paycheck.

Thursday was taxes. And while I am grateful for all the freelance work I received this year, it made the bill another 400 some dollars we owe the federal government. Seriously, this just keeps going.


Now it’s Friday, March 20, and I have a coupon for BOGO at Caribou Coffee, and I follow Joel to the Coffee shop. We decided I would drive the drunk car to work, and he would drive the Dodge. Sure as shit, he pulls over, and the car has a flat tire. It’s my first week of work; I haven’t programmed my boss’ number into my phone yet. We drive to our guy, turns out he doesn’t “do” tires. He fills it with air and sends us to Tires Plus.

The Dodge has been shedding hubcaps like a dog, so at the very least, I expected the flat tire to be one without a hubcap. Nope. And, guess what they don’t sell at Tires Plus? Hubcaps. Turns out a nail went through the tire and became ONLY a 15 dollar fix, except they also noticed the tie rod end was in dire condition. Friday, after work, we drove the Dodge over to our regular guy to fix it Monday morning.

By Friday night, I was asleep by 7:00 p.m. Just out. Turns out the phone rang, and Joel got the news that my mom went back to the ER for emergency surgery to remove her gallbladder. It sucks because she was getting so close to being better, to coming home. Her physical therapy was going really well, and now, we’re back at the beginning. The very, very scary beginning.

Now it is Monday, one week since I began. Mom came through the surgery fine, I don’t know why we had to wait the entire weekend to learn that. But that is what has been the hardest part in my mother’s health crisis, the waiting. But she’s on some good drugs! She seems to pass the time by waking my father at 4:30 in the morning to sing “Home on the Range” to him for no reason whatsoever.

As I wait for Joel to pick me up in the Hyundai, our mechanic fixed the tie rod end and the windshield fluid squirters that had worn down as well for 166 bucks. He also doesn’t sell hubcaps. But what PISSED me off the most, today was a cold day, with 3 inches of snow, and sure as shit, the check engine light turned off. Guess our car sobered up.


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