I know it has been some time since I have written a blog post of my own. I enjoy adding to Joel’s because 1) he is hilarious 2) I have not been brave enough to write. When I first planned this blog, I took random notes as we we entered the “A Great Big World concert featuring special guest: Genevieve” because my goal was to be enchantingly amusing and not use this blog to unburden myself. But, I think it is time that I show my colors.

I fell in love with Genevieve from this performance from the NPR Tiny Desk series. If you are not subscribed to the Tiny Desk and listening to it weekly, I HIGHLY recommend adding it to the Youtube hole you may or may not fall into at work. Tiny Desk is “INTIMATE VIDEO PERFORMANCES, RECORDED LIVE AT THE DESK OF ALL SONGS CONSIDERED HOST BOB BOILEN” From these performances, I found the Avett Brothers, Lake Street Dive, the Prettiots, Torres and most importantly, Genevieve.


The above concert took place on June 2nd, 2015, and the second I heard her first verse of “Colors”:

I wake up thinking bout my purpose
And wonder if I’m really worth it
It’s all been sung before and you’ve all heard it
Your life is your design, so go ahead and design it.
Your star is in the sky, so go ahead align it.
Cause your forever lost, until you go and find it.

tears were streaming down my face.

Again and again, I returned to this concert to bring comfort, encouragement, and, most importantly, a reason to keep putting one foot in front of another through this difficult past year. On April 2, we went to see Genevieve live, as the special guest in the Kaleidoscope Tour


Don’t get me wrong, I think A Great Big World is awesome, but Genevieve saved me each time I heard her music as I stalked her over the internet. As you will discover, Genevieve is on Spotify and Colors has an “official video.”

But the songs I love the most are: “Almost Human” and ‘The Enemy.” When discussing “The Enemy at NPR, she says (video is cued up to right spot):

I waited around after her amazing set, to say one sentence to her.


When I arrived in her presence, I choked up and we had an intimate, authentic moment. Joel had to explain the tears to her. I told her my one sentence, “You saved me.” She grabbed my hands and held them close to her “By saying that, you saved me.”

The remainder of our conversation is magic and ours alone. But I do wish to show what Authenticity and being human looks like:


20160402_205831 (1)

Thank you, Genevieve and Chris Faller.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with us. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go find some tissues because it’s super dusty in here. <3

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