#GivingTuesday & Daily Work

Today is “Giving Tuesday.”

This post returns to both political action found in the Paulsen piece as well as returns to our bacon roots of discussing the difficulty of finding a job, working a job and attempting to find fulfillment in that job.

When Becky was unemployed in July 2013, she began a volunteering job, which soon became a contract position, with a local nonprofit to help with their social media, blog and marketing campaigns.

She continues to volunteer long after the contract ended because of the amazing work they do with helping job seekers find employment that can sustain their households. It’s a support system that recognizes the brutal nature of finding good jobs. We believe in their mission.

Becky recently wrote a blog post for their site.

Right now they have a fund raising initiative through the holidays. If you can, please chip in a few bucks toward their goal. Daily Work changes lives.

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