“How many people have died in your pool?”

Moving has never been a strong suit for us. It seems most of the time, the prep and action is last minute and full of horrible. Back when Becky moved in with me in Fargo, we tried using U-Haul, which means you reserve a trailer, and then find out ON THE DAY that you will have to drive 45 minutes to another town to get said trailer, which, by the way, doesn’t open unless you have a 6 foot long piece of iron to bang at the door like some sort of sadistic knight from Game of Thrones.

mountain dude with sword

When we finally got a new truck, moved Becky to Fargo, and brought the U-Haul in to the local place, they looked at us like we were nuts.

“You sure you have a truck? My computer doens’t have you on it,” he said.

“Yes, it’s right out there. I drove it here.”

We had about 2 weeks between Becky getting hired and moving to the cities, which meant a lot of the same ridiculousness. That move nearly ruined me – I found out I was no longer the muscle tough guy so and so I once was.

Plus we seem to combine moving in close proximity to other huge life stressors – new job, lost job, wedding, deaths.

After 4 years in our current apartment, we decided to take the plunge again. We’re moving at the end of September. Our reasons were several-fold.

  1. When the new management started, we got to live among mountains of garbage for several weeks.
  2. Two people have drowned in our apartment pool in the past two years.
  3. The new apartment shaves off 30 minutes of driving for me a day without adding to Becky’s commute.

So starting in April, I began researching. In May, I began scouting. Several apartment places seemed bamboozled by my request for a brief tour of their facilities so far ahead of time. Some even refused and were promptly dropped from the list. In all, I visited eight apartments before narrowing down to my top two with a third runner up in case.

In July, I took Becky to my top two places. Her questions often began with “How many people have died in your pool?”

look of huh?

The answer was always, “Zero?”

So, this week we plopped down the deposit on our new digs near Ridgedale Mall. We’ve emptied our storage closet and now live in a mountain of storage bins and our usual bric-a-brac. We’re planning to space out our packing over the next two months. I look forward to getting rid of lots of stuff. We’re contacting movers in two weeks from today as agreed with them.

So far, it’s all going mighty smoothly. I’m looking forward to the chaos that will come from simply uttering that previous sentence.

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3 thoughts on ““How many people have died in your pool?”

  1. Movers?!? You are fully adulting now my friend. I always said, “for my next move I’m definitely hiring movers” but then I’d cheap out and submit myself to move torture. Good luck, I hope you enjoy your new place!

  2. On our last move we moved all of the boxes ourselves but hired movers just for the furniture and other big items. Pretty sure those guys saved my marriage. Not to say that it was in danger before they came to help us, but it certainly would have been if we’d had to move that crap ourselves.

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