MN Landscape Arboretum: A Blog in Pictures

This Blog Post was going to appear right before our world turned upside down. I decided enough with fumbling around in the grief and destruction unemployment brings and provide a blog post which focuses on the pictures and not the words to tell the story.

In April, I saw the below advertisement in the Minnesota Monthly for both the April and May editions:


arboretum ad

The small print reads: “Hurry in for the Best Colors!” and “Tulips Takeover: 37,000 in every color.”  Having lived my life in the Midwest, I knew we had about 10 days where the tulips would be perfect. I was TERRIFIED to miss them.  So we went: the second week of May. We “hurried in!”

To be greeted with:

Arboretum 1

arb 2arb 3

arb 4

Fortunately, the MN Landscape Arboretum has a policy, that you can come back within 30 days for another try.

2 weeks later: (Click on each picture for a larger view)

arb 5

arb 7

arb 8

arb 9

arb 10

arb 12

arb 13

arb 14

arb 15

ARB 16

aRB 6

arb 11 ARB 18

So let us celebrate a new beginning. In nature and in life 2 weeks can make all the difference.

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2 thoughts on “MN Landscape Arboretum: A Blog in Pictures

  1. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing them in your blog! Good lesson in “waiting”- not easy to do, but these flowers are a perfect example of it. Love ya.

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