People in the Twin Cities Like to Kill Corn

This is a lil’ cartoon I did this summer after being witness to many, many fleecings of the corn.

Cartoon about corn

Here is a picture of happy corn in Park Rapids.

happy corn
Happy corn



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2 thoughts on “People in the Twin Cities Like to Kill Corn

  1. You would be enraged if you came to my local grocery store in San Diego. People completely clean the corn in the store and throw the leaves and silks back in the corn pile. It got so bad that the store now keeps the corn display outside the front door and put a trash can for the leaves next to it.

    1. I would be insane. I’m sure I would scream “This isn’t what Thanksgiving is about! Are we savages?!” Wait, are they cleaning the corn, then taking the corn with them in some sort of misguided belief that corn is sold by weight?

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