Recap the week

Sometimes life can kick you in the nuts, then shake your hand and ask about your toothpaste. It sort of happened every day this week. So today we just recap the crazy.


Becky’s Mom’s Roommate at her physical therapy/rehab place was dropped by nurses on her head, requiring brain surgery.
Also, we learn another child drowned in our apartment’s pool, which closes the pool.
And Joel finds out from our couple friends that he has a new niece now.
Becky avoids news about the Boston Marathon because two years later and it’s still fresh.



Becky hits the hay early due to feeling sick in a haze of Mucinex, Sudafed and Nyquil.
Joel finishes watching last season’s True Detective in awe.
A friend’s cat’s tail was saved. It’s now in Oklahoma on its long trip back to MN to be babysat.
Random snow across the metro area.


crying mchey


Becky’s dad calls “I don’t know what your relationship with your mother is. Stuff is happening. you don’t understand, stuff. it is happening!!!!” and hangs up.
And that’s all we got from him that day.




Becky goes into an Antibiotic coma to fight off whatever has been attacking her sinuses and ears for a month now. Awake 4 hours between Wednesday night and Friday morning. The doctor is trying the nuke the infection until it dies method.
Becky’s dad tells Joel that the “stuff” is being handled by Becky’s brother and sister-in-law over the weekend. We’re still not sure what “stuff” is. But we’re pretty sure it’s happening.



Becky fights the good fight by going to work while still sick as hell. Joel leads a book club at work.
Becky’s mom has a new roommate. Finds out old roommate is not brain dead, but was off the respirator for 45 whole minutes.



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1 thought on “Recap the week

  1. That’s quite a week, but I must say I appreciate your inclusion of gifs to illustrate its impact on you. I don’t know why I love gifs so much, but I do.

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