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Remarketing Backfire

As a SEO/SEM marketer, Becky is the reason why you continue to see ads for a company or product you looked at once. She sets things up so you will continue to see them. It’s called remarketing. It’s why I see ads for her company all the time now.

The other day, she said I would need to get some tank tops, which I don’t wear, because I’m going to Florida for an industry trade show, where having a full t-shirt under the company polo to keep my nips tamed would be unbearably hot. As a joke, I looked up some tank tops on Amazon and sent her a pic of the most ridiculously patriotic one I could find.

Now I get to look at this guy every day.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 8.15.27 AM



And so does Becky!

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 8.06.13 AM


Remarketing, it’s like the guilty conscience of marketing – following you around with your own browsing shame.


Becky here: One of my favorite professors at Boston College, whom I took several of the Catholic “philosophers” from, would spend A LOT of time arguing with me inside and outside of class. Mostly because I would ask these in-depth questions, which he would only answer, “Well, Ms. Billings, who are you to question the mind of God?” Man, that would piss me off and made me love the professor more. You can’t hide behind God or your interpretation of God as a sufficient answer to political and philosophical quandaries.

Now, part of my job is to create remarketing campaigns that drive people crazy. You will notice I was looking for a charm bracelet for my mother’s birthday over 20 days ago, and it still appears.

I know that I frustrate people with remarketing, but I also help people keep jobs. Karma is a fascinating metaphysical essence. As I watch the man in the tank top, I wonder, what is Karma doing? Then I hear that voice again, “Ms. Billings, who are you question Karma?”

So, for all those who have been annoyed, I apologize. And if it’s really getting to you, the secret is to clear your cookies and your cache. Poof they’re gone. Until you do anything with the internet again.



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