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I Saw the Cops Jack Bauer a Guy Yesterday

I’m a huge fan of 24. It’s the last show I remember watching, ALWAYS, when it aired.  I kept watching even through the diminishing returns after season 5 (my personal fave) as the show recycled more and more plots cause there’s only so many ways to be a terrorist I guess. But, I faithfully kept on through the end. Now the show’s BACK!

I’ll be watching again tonight as Keifer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer badasses his way through one scrape after another.

24 jack bauer

Yesterday, I saw a whole bunch of Jack Bauer-ness as I was out picking up some pants that needed hemming.

I had just stopped at the DXL Store near Ridgedale Mall in Minnetonka. It’s just off Interstate 394.

map of events

As I was parking (at B on the map), I hear screeches, yelling. I look over, and four cop cars had boxed in this bright red muscle car on the highway off ramp (at A on the map).

The cops came out of their cars, weapons already drawn, already pointed on the guy in the muscle car. One of those weapons, if raised just a bit, aiming right in my direction.

I’ve never been on the wrong end of a gun, hell, I’ve never been on the right side of a hand gun (if that exists). I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to make any sudden moves. I didn’t want to distract them. I didn’t think the metal between the front and back car doors was enough to provide cover from any errant discharge.

The guy in the muscle car held his empty hands out the window, fully compliant with the six or so guns aiming at him. A police officer moved up behind the car, grabbed the guy, and pulled him out of the window without even opening the door, slammed him to the ground, where about four of them surrounded the guy while a fifth checked the car for any other passengers by aiming his gun in through the window.

At this point I took the picture above. Here’s a more zoomed in version of the feature photo above, but more pixelated. As with any picture, objects were very much closer than they appear.

closeup cops

Now with the guy on the ground and under control, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be a distraction, so I got out of my car and headed in to the store. I picked up my pants. It wasn’t a busy day at DXL, so the few clerks who were there started gathering at the door to watch. By the time I headed out, there were about 10 cop cars now surrounding the vehicle.

Seems excessive. But I have no idea what the driver may or may not have done. Finding that info in the newspapers is pretty tough I found out. They don’t make police blotters like they used to.

We’ve been in the cities for 2.5 years now. This is my first time seeing the weight of the police bearing down on someone, weapons out.

Becky also said I’m not allowed to go out alone anymore after I told her what went down, cause crazy shit like this happens all the time when I’m running errands. Though, this one tops the list.  She keeps wanting to wrap me in bubble wrap. It was all too close for comfort. I’ll take my guns and police tactical maneuvers in fictional TV form any day.

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2 thoughts on “I Saw the Cops Jack Bauer a Guy Yesterday

  1. (A) holy shit that is crazy! I don’t think I ever witnessed anything quite like that in the 6 years I lived in the cities
    (B) holy shit has it really been 2-1/2 years since you moved there? Wow! Time flies.

    1. Fargo had its share of crazy – like black hawk helicopters during the flood, and that time a crazy woman on foot stopped me on 13th avenue outside of Scheels just to wave hi and run off across the five lanes or so of traffic. But yeah, never saw even one cop pull a gun on a guy.

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