Staycation is a horrible word

We hate the word too.

Staycation – it’s a BS term that journalists came up with to make the fact that no one had money in the recession to actually go anywhere seem more fun. Becky and I have sort of done them in the past – day trips to lake Pepin or local parks. The Wikipedia definition allows for vacationing in the local area and sleeping at home, with eating out and going to local tourist sites on the list of acceptable activities.

This last weekend, we took an uber-staycation. Meaning we pretty much never left the apartment.

Sure there were a couple quick trips – the nearby farmer’s market is only open on Saturday, so we had to leave to do that, especially for the awesome flowers they have now.

farmers market flowers

And pie was on sale at the grocery store.

Other than that, though, we kept our butts parked solidly in the apartment building.


I highly recommend this option.

After a solid month of applying to jobs on top of working full time with extra contract work on the side, we were burning the heck out of ourselves.

To make this whole thing work, we had to set some ground rules.

  1. Get all chores done before the last day of work. Have food all planned and available to make.
  2. Cut off all email, only checking once for work related things that would not wait until Monday.
  3. Cut off all phones and social media.
  4. Renting movies was OK, but no TV binge watching.
  5. Stock up on books.
  6. Naps are a must.

Becky devoured her yearly book from Jennifer Weiner in about 24 hours. I had reserved a bunch of books from the library, but only one got in there before the vacation, and that only made it 5 hours (Graphic novels are quick reads). We also read another book out loud – from a series of murder mysteries by Laura Levine. I poke fun at them, but they are good popcorn-type books that are fast reads.

I had to do dishes once since we ran out of pots and pans for cooking, but otherwise it was a chore free weekend of the highest order. We didn’t even leave the house for fireworks.

The American Automobile Association said the average couple will spend $244 a day on vacations. Our vacation was about $10 total in direct to TV movie rentals. We watched Her, which was amazingly emotional, but probably too much so for vacation fare. We also rented another movie, but quit watching it after 20 minutes.

Becky and I often measure our lives to the next event or trip.  But I think this weekend taught us that we can also eagerly wait for just staying at home and not doing a thing except be with each other. It also helps that our apartment has an indoor pool down the hall.

We managed to get through all three days without a major fight. One tiff, but that was purely based on communication issues. Becky baked my favorite blueberry muffins, not from a box, on Sunday morning. I don’t know how long it has been since Becky has baked without an incident.  She called it a modern day miracle.  I was glad to see she had her baking mojo back. She used to love doing it, A LOT, but with the stress and pressures of our life here in the cities and the kitchen half the size of the one we had in Fargo, she has avoided it completely or spilled an entire bag of rice on the floor, or set the fire alarm off, or added to the other burns she has on her arms.  But Sunday, the muffins were perfect. Real blueberries, exploding in your mouth.

We finally were able to be together, interruption free: backrubs and toenail polishing, and calm, quiet intimacy.

When Becky dropped me off this morning, I admit it was hard to be done with our beautiful staycation, fully knowing that there would be a hard jolt back into the real world, with social media, emails, and phone calls to take care of.  Becky had a phone screen at 2:30pm with Target.  That was how her ½ hour lunch hour would be spent.

All in all, this was the most relaxed we have ever been going back to work on a Monday.

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2 thoughts on “Staycation is a horrible word

  1. Yucky word for a wonderful time together. Thank you for sharing how nice it can be to have a weekend to yourselves to reconnect. Also, I can hardly wait to read that new Jennifer Weiner book! I really like that idea of doing the housework, etc. before the staycation so there is no “I should do this or that”. Finally my big regret is not being able to taste the yummy sounding muffins!!!

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