It is a new world out there for big guys

It’s been a while since we’ve posted something about marketing. Today I got an email that simultaneously sort of freaked me out and impressed me.

If you knew me pre-Becky, you’ll know I was a pretty scruffy guy for the most part. I had reasonably nice clothes due to working at a department store where I had to wear a tie.

Once I left that place though, all bets were off. Scruff city.

It was Becky who pointed out that using a drier on my shirts would shrink them much faster than usual, so I probably shouldn’t do that.

She also said that I was an adult, and $10 hair cuts at superclippers was not the best professional move. Sometimes, if I’m not vigilant, Becky comes after stray hairs with a tweezer.

As a bigger guy, it can be a challenge to find good fitting clothes that look professional and that can last. For years I kept buying pants from the big and tall section of JCPenny’s, which basically meant I’d be buying new pants in a month. My wallet was literally wearing a hole in my pants.

We fixed that by going to Duluth Trading Company, a magical land that offers tough, professional clothing mostly for the construction set. Their shirts are ok, but not quite biz casual. The pants, made with fire hose material, which is miraculously comfortable and holds up well. I love their marketing style as well – gruff men worried about plumber’s butt crack and flexibility on the job.

Their blog is also entertaining with lots of humor in articles like “7 reasons to go buck naked.”

For shirts, though, we checked out a new place, DXL. I ended up getting 6 new shirts that day on sale, about all of them that were in the store in my size, which gets me to a place where I can go to work for two weeks without re-wearing something.

Today, I got this email from them with the subject line: Hundreds of New Markdowns Just Taken In Size 3XL!


The thing that caught my eye is they tailored the email to me with the size I bought that day in June. Although, the link goes to pages of clothes that also happen to come in my size, not some magical place where all the clothes are my size.

When I clicked on it, the url also included my email, so I know they are tracking me and my preferences.

What all this means is that their program was sophisticated enough to track me, my size, and preferences. It’s the sort of creepy NSA level marketing I’ve always expected from places like Amazon and Target, but I don’t get emails from those places that hit the mark with me like this at all.

It is creepy, but I think the line isn’t crossed as long as you, as the marketer, send me emails that are what I want to see and not what you happen to want to push at me that month.

I even checked out their blog with the curiosity of a customer and fellow content marketer, and I gotta say they are doing a great job with that one as well. The expected focus on style and clothes for bigger guys is all there, but they also have some interesting lifestyle posts, like this one where they know their customer base – no diet stuff, just “here’s a bunch of horrible food to try this summer because fuck it.”

food post

I love that

Also they provide tips on breathable fabrics to wear in hot weather. Because hot and big don’t mix well at all.

big thing
Also a great place to shop when you need to look like an 80’s stand up comic

So in the end, Congrats DXL for some great marketing for business casual duds, and Duluth Trading Company, I’m looking at you, too, big guy, for my rough and tumble everyday wear. It’s a new world out there for big guys with stores like this, no longer do we all have to fight for the one pair of ill-fitting pants in our size at the department store.

What better way than to end this with the gif that Duluth uses in a pop up to get you to give them your email address? Enjoy!


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