Yoga and Autumn Part 1

In this post, Becky touches on our yoga experience and how it has inspired changes throughout our life. In part two, Joel explores how yoga has changed his.

We all make excuses as to why we can’t do something, even if it is something you think about and want to do more than anything. For me, that was yoga. I’ve had a yoga mat and a dvd called Yoga for Dummies since 2007 gathering dust. We moved to the cities, and I thought, for sure, we’ll do yoga here because there are soooo many Groupons which feature yoga classes at unknown studios around the area. When I would start to purchase a Groupon, I would make up one excuse or another as to why I would never go and cancel the order. But then my hair stylist mentioned how yoga was truly changing her life. I love my hair stylist, absolutely love her. On the same day I had my hair done, to perfection, the City of Plymouth Parks and Rec. Guide arrived in the mail.

Joel and I have been working on the concept of working and worrying on only one thing at a time. I struggle profusely with planning one day at a time. I’m a planner; I’ve always been a planner. So, this nonsense of not having a “for sure” future, makes things incredibly difficult for me. Mentally. Therefore, signing up for a class that meets 1 time a week would provide me with a guaranteed appointment until the middle of December. Having something to write in my planner is comforting. I decided on Restorative Yoga for us. The class description from Plymouth Parks and Rec was:

Restorative Yoga Relax and renew with supported postures which encourage deep relaxation.

Plymouth Parks and Rec has an arrangement with one of the local Yoga Studios in town: The Yoga Studio. They provide a more in depth description of the class:

This class is designed to let go of everything you hold onto in your body and mind. The class takes place entirely on the floor. You will be fully supported using various props—blankets, towels, bolsters, pads, blocks, straps and other creative things we use to help you LET GO. Students learn how to set themselves up with the help of a well-trained, loving teacher. This class is great for ALL—athletes can work harder on their training days, tight people can loosen up, tired folks can take a yoga nap, stressed-out peeps can find solace in the quiet and stillness. Expect to move minimally.

This class has been EXACTLY what Joel and I needed. The teacher we have had the most: Julie Thor is a “loving teacher” who welcomes us and has gently ushered us into this beautiful world of restorative yoga. She helps Joel and I a lot because Joel is so tall, and I’m so short and round, that she adjusts the poses so both of us are comfortable. Here are some examples of the poses:

images images (2) images (3)images (4)

In addition to these poses, we were taught meditation and focusing on our breath.  Plus, Julie dims the lights, sometimes covers us with a blanket, and gives us a sense of peace throughout the class. Joel always lays his blanket next to mine, and as we hold the poses for up to fifteen minutes, we reach out and touch hands. Restorative yoga with Julie has changed us. Julie offers readings during our meditative time which have included several about autumn. This autumn has been unlike one that either Joel and I can remember. I think the difference is that we didn’t really have a summer this year; instead, we had tons of rain and a lack of heat and humidity. As the days grow colder, the lakes emit fog in the morning, so the water still keeps the only heat of the summer.

This autumn has developed to be more beautiful everyday, and Julie had us meditate on how autumn is the time to slow down to begin to recognize our gratitude. Another meditation was to think of autumn like spring, where the leaves become flowers as they change color. The trees bloom and rain leaves upon us. She told us to go and walk in the autumn. So, last Sunday, Joel and I went to the MN Landscape Arboretum. Please enjoy our restorative yoga inspired autumn in pictures:

Arboretum Fall 004 Arboretum Fall 007 Arboretum Fall 010 Arboretum Fall 011 Arboretum Fall 035 Arboretum Fall 038 Arboretum Fall 039Arboretum Fall 041 Arboretum Fall 046 Arboretum Fall 042Arboretum Fall 053 Arboretum Fall 055 Arboretum Fall 057 Arboretum Fall 059 Arboretum Fall 062 Arboretum Fall 067

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